As a kid in the pre-iPad days, I had an illustrated science atlas. You're probably familiar with the general thing: one of those massive 500-page tomes that keep you flipping pages for hours at a time. Many years later a single illustration from that book remains imprinted on my mind. The topic at hand was the atom, and the illustration explained that if we could remove all the empty space from atoms, a thousand (A hundred? Ten-thousand? Memory fails here…) battleships could be squeezed into a single baseball. "A single baseball??? Impossible!" protested my young, unlearned mind. But for years afterwards I contemplated the idea of unused, empty space - particularly as I studied the science of learning and the advantages provided specifically by eLearning. I wonder how much more could I have learned throughout many years of school if all the "empty space" during the learning day had not been empty at all; specifically the time spent waiting for the slowest student(s) to catch up to the rest of the group. What if I could have moved at my own pace? How much more could I have accomplished?

One of the great promises of eLearning is the ability to move at your best individual pace: speed through the concepts that come easily, spend more time on the concepts that don't. In many cases, however, we find that promise partly unfulfilled as courses are crammed with superfluous information or move too slowly to keep up with our normally-functioning human brains.

Hyperdriver™ is an optional design approach used by the New Mavens for courses where a primary concern is that the employee (or client) get in, get what he/she needs, and get back to work - with no extra time spent on needless fluff. And believe it or not, the employee doesn't enjoy spending time on needless fluff any more than you enjoy him/her doing so!

With the Hyperdriver™ learning approach, we slice and dice until we've removed every ounce of fat from your learning content. Like a shrewd newspaper editor with a red pen, we relentlessly trim every sentence down to its bare essential. The visuals are designed to move quickly. The narrator/instructor moves at a rapid pace. The learner always has the ability to pause and repeat content when needed, but otherwise is not hampered by a plodding course tempo. Your course objectives are met while saving potentially tens/hundreds/thousands of hours of employee downtime.

Is Hyperdriver™ the right approach for every course? Not at all. When we discuss your needs and objectives we can help you determine whether it's right for the situation or if we should design using a more traditional approach. The New Mavens will always design the course to best match your learning objectives.